Ramadan Special Fragrance Pack

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Four Plus one Fragrances: Ramadan Special Fragrance Pack.

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This Ramadan Festive Season, Let’s celebrate the Ramadan month with Khalisa Fragrance‘s perfect fragrance blends.  Unlock this great deal with Ramadan Special Fragrance Pack, during whole year without any limitations.

(1) Ruh Al-Oudh – It is tenacious and long lasting oudh fragrance, loved by oudh lovers world-wide. The main accord includes agarwood, jasmine, and warm spices.

(2) Jannatul Firdaus – It is a oriental fougere fragrance for women and men.  The fragrance features jasmine, lotus, cinnamon, gardenia, woody notes, herbal notes and rose. The top note includes, lotus, cinnamon, and gardenia, While middle posses grass, herbal, with base note of woody.

(3) Majmua Spl – The fragrance of Majmua is an exquisite blend of woody, floral, and musky fragrance notes.

(4) Dua – It is a masculine fragrance. The fragrance is green spicy. With good smell projection. Main accords includes Mint, bergamot, lavender, orange blossom, cumin, cinnamon, vanilla, cedar ands sandalwood.

FREE : MUSK – This is clear, a warm musk is a light note, this musk fragrance for both men and women who likes light notes.

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