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In joy and sadness, the fragrances are our constant companion. Its not just a fragrance, its fragrance of life, its fragrance of fashion, My world is magical, not easy to define me, let them wonder!

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Adventure girl, Confidence Lady, and a Bravery women. She is a dreamer, a doer, a thinker. Every day is a challenge! A lady with confidence can do a lot! Lift your day with the wonderful fragrance. Be you! Bravely…

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Reimagine The Fragrance!

Fragrances speak a universal language, communicate beyond borders.

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started…

Reimagine The Fragrance

The scene behind creation of fragrance is a complex science. The multi-layering process fuses the art. The fragrance that helps you to explore the sense of wonder.

Khalisa FragranceAmazing Nature

Smell is an essential part of life. One among five sense, but the one with Unique power.

Khalisa FragranceAmazing Nature

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From the ancient to modern perfumery, the MAN has always a special need for fragrance. A fresh, reliable and long lasting fragrance will keep you all the day sound.

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Khalisa Fragrance’s Attar Perfumes Collection

A perfume with a great sense of smell is elusive. However, with Khalisa Fragrance’s high-quality attar perfume collection, you can take your scent to the next level and feel confident in your self-expression every day of life. Here are our four favorite attar perfumes available from Khalisa Fragrance right now.…

30 terms relating to perfumes industries

Learn 30 terms relating to perfumes/fragrance industries 30 terms relating to perfumes industries Terms starts with “A” – Perfume Industries Aged — Refers to odours and other sensory properties that develop in fragrances and flavours (including raw materials) as a result of time and conditions of storage; may be desirable…

Reason to give perfume gifts to your loved one

We are often delighted to see gifts from our loved ones. There is reason to give perfume gifts. The best product to surprise amazingly your loved one, here is a complete unboxing video of Amazing Nature® ultra-premium fragrances from Khalisa Fragrance. The Product shown in the video is the “Unboxing”…