Control your emotions before they control you !

1.0 Let’s start with a quote

Learning how to control your emotions both in personal and professional workplaces are very much important, one has to pay attention in the management of his/her own emotions.

“Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert

2.0 Have you ever been to these situations before?

  1. The day and night of your hard work may not yield the success and your dream project is cancelled
  2. When you face an unfair customer
  3. If your manager or boss shouting at you
  4. The moment you receive huge workload
When facing uneven or over workload
When facing uneven or over workload

3.0 The difference between personal life and at the professional workplace

different emotions at workplace funny image
Different emotions one could have

Both situations are very difficult, but at personal life, when you face stressful emotional situations, it is simple that we start shouting as an expression of our strong emotions

But, at your workplace, negative expressions can damage seriously your reputation following an impact on your productivity.

Stressful emotional situations are very often, one has to face (you can learn stress management) at professional workplace. There are one or more reasons every day, you are always free to choose how to react to those situations, remember! That the organization is always interested towards people who keeps their emotions in control.

It is great to have positive emotions at workplace which is fitted into professional frame limit. Nevertheless, “No” to the negative emotions. Welcome! Here, to get some awareness…

4.0 Most common negative emotions encountered at workplaces

4.1 Frustration

4.2 Nervous and worry

4.3 Anger, (😊 where you have to control your emotions before it controls you)

4.4 Hate

4.5 Unhappiness and disappointment

4.1. Frustration

Represents workplace frustrations
Represents workplace frustrations

Frustration can happen when you feel trapped or unable to move forward, and when a competent employee experiencing lack of autonomy. Whatever the cause, you have to handle frustrations as quick as possible. The negative emotion of frustration can lead to anger.


Look at things in a different way, a small change in your thinking can improve the situation. Try to find out something positive about the situation rather than sticking to the negative point.

Depression in failure should never go to your heart, and ego in success should never go to brain

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

4.2. Nervous and worry

When you worry a lot, it leads to lose your self-confidence. There are plenty of things that can cause you nervous / worry at workplace. Say it about job security, or your colleagues spreading negative words about you, etc.,


Try taking good break and breath enough to intake some positivity, think and recall about some beautiful memories, speak to your loved one. Perhaps a cup of tea/coffee.

Stay away from negative people!

4.3. Anger, (😊 where you have to control your emotions before it controls you)

The most destructive negative emotion at workplace is anger, and the truth is, many of us do not handle it well!

Sometimes, anger can pop up! With the ineffective project management, when you do not manage your team with effective delegation or your time management of your own activity or of any projects.

Anger can destroy your reputation, your relationship, your image, at a short span of time. That’s why Remember! Control your emotions before they control you!

Represents the moment anger
Represents the moment anger


Understand other’s position learn emotional intelligence and grow it. Look for early signs that can further develop your anger, stop there!!! Do not allow it to come inside.  Try taking good break and breath enough to intake some positivity, think and recall about some beautiful memories, speak to your loved one. Again a good cup of tea/coffee…

Control your “ANGER” because it is just one letter away from ‘D’ANGER

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

4.5. Hate

It is important to learn how to work with some one you hate. It is the way; we all have to work with someone we do not like. You have to be professional to even these situations.


Even you hate someone at work, do not permit a place to occupy. Keep your pride and ego aside, work and treat with respect. Even your opposite behaves unprofessionally, you shouldn’t…

4.6. Unhappiness and disappointment

Your battery will probably down when you experience disappointment. Isn’t? Unhappiness will impact your productivity and your forward moves.


Do not go always in your route, if necessary be flexible to change. See how you can manage your goal so as to fit into the situation. Keep smile 😊, probably this can improve the situation.

When there is no expectation there is no disappointment

5.0 Final words

You are the boss of your life 😊. Do magic at your workplace by learning effectively the “Emotions”. Do Remember! Try to do best in Controlling your emotions before they control you!


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