Fragrance Guide

This section is to help you with the description of fragrances, to facilitate the selection process, for ultra-premium collections.

Fragrances speak a universal language

We have made all possible efforts to build a list to facilitate you with this fragrance guide. Every ultra-premium products are packed with up-to three unique fragrances. Here is the list of fragrance, you can choose from. You are welcome to contact at, incase of support needed.

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Fragrance Name Best Suited For Tentative Intensity Description
Sweet Heart Unisex Medium An oriental fragrance for men and women. Sweet heart has soothing smell of nature. Main accord includes balsamic sweet, musky, fresh spicy, vanilla warm spicy.
Rosy Velvet Female Mild A pure feminine floral masterpiece brings the warmth of the balmy Mediterranean.
Nightingale Unisex Medium Nightingale is a bright oriental fragrance. This fragrance embodies the classic, elegant and timeless appeal of exquisite fragrance. The main accords includes neroli bergamot, musk, vetiver, and patchouli.
Legendary Unisex Medium Legendary is for the modern person who makesright move at the right time, the notes includes bergamot jasmine white cedar rose lavender sandalwood.
The Highness Unisex Medium It is a fresh floral, woody musky fragrance, the main accord includes gardenia, jasmine, rose, vetiver.
The Khalifa Unisex Medium A warm and fresh spicy fragrance for both men and women that has notes of fresh sweet, jasmine, rose and base of woody notes.
Bright Crystal Unisex Light This is for a romantic soul, the beginning is sweet, with the quite aromatic warm woody ending. The roses are in its heart ending with trail of cedar.
Blue Season Unisex Medium Blue season is a aromatic fougere fragrance, the main accord includes citruses, bergamot, rosewood and Basil, final notes of Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk, Vetiver, Cedar and Patchouli.
Desire Unisex Medium It is a fresh, floral, green aromatic mist fragrance.
Royal Emirates Unisex Medium It is a rich fragrance for both men and women, woody aromatic, oud, warm spicy, floral.
Zeena Unisex Medium Zeena is composed of distinctive floral, fresh and woody accord. For forever love.
Adventure Lady Female Medium It is a fragrance of freshness, the composition opens with clean and pure citrusy notes, of bergamot and lavender. Wrap the based with sandalwood with powdery accords.
Wild Rock Male Medium Oriental fragrance for men representing the personality of a strong man. It opens with fresh scent, and gourmand notes. Balanced with intense heart of agarwood and musky.
Bright Crystal Men Male Medium It is aromatic fougere fragrance for men. The main accord includes citrus, fresh spicy, aromatic, rose, and green scents.
Shaali Female Medium It is a floral fragrance for women, the main accord includes fruit notes, lavender, rose, patchouli and musk.
Moon Night Unisex Medium The long lasting fragrance for both who wants a intensive touch and shine from others. The notes includes musky, woody, floral and fresh green scents, patchouli, jasmine and rose as a wrapping bases.
The Mirage Unisex Medium It is a fresh and floral fragrance, the main accord includes, greens, bergamot, jasmine, orange blossom, amber and musk.
Adventures Unisex Medium Rich and fresh fragrance, the main accord includes blackcurrent, patchouli, jasmine, vanilla, musk.
Musk Al Haram Unisex Light This is the perfect fragrance who wants light but significant touch of fragrance. A fresh, soft white musk with citrus and lemon grass, slight hints of jasmine, sandal, vanilla, the sense gives a harmonizing effects.
Royal Blue Male Medium Aromatic fougere fragrance for men, with the notes are violet Leaf, Lemon, fruity, orange. The Lavender and Jasmine, finally base notes of cedar, Musk.
Marvel Unisex Medium It is a oriental woody, the main accord includes warm spicy, woody, floral white and patchouli, powdery balsamic. 
Survive Male Medium It is a fragrance for men, the scent is green spicy, with the notes of bergamot, lavender, orange blossom, vanilla, sandal.
Rosy Musk Unisex Medium The heaven of fragrance with the top of the accords includes rose with spicy floral heart notes and ending harmoniously with floral and warm musk notes.
Whole Heart Unisex Medium It is a soft oriental floral fragrance for both men and women, this features citruses, rosy, orange blossom, amber and musky.
Dova Unisex Medium Floral, spicy and warm fresh fragrance with notes of bergamot, lemon, slightly rose, jasmine. Base of patchouli, cedar.
White Musk Unisex Medium It is a pure and clean fragrance. The aroma is forgettable at all time. Fresh and musky.
Oddy Male Medium It is a woody aromatic fragrance, opens with bergamot, the main accord includes geranium and agarwood notes, wrapping at the end with patchouli, slightly leathery.


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