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Buy attar online

Before discussing about “buy attar online”, let us see about the origin of the word. The word ‘Attar’ or ‘Ittar’ comes from an ancient Persian word ‘attar’, ‘otto’ or ‘ottar’, that means perfume, fragrance or scent.

Convenience at doorstep. Khalisa Fragrance offers great deal, you can buy attar online at Perfumes and fragrances can be traced to multiple ancient cultures, most notably to the ancient Egyptian civilization. In fact, Egyptians associated their perfumes with the gods

Appearance was extremely important to ancient Egyptians and so was perfume and body fragrance. How someone smelled designed social, political and religious meaning. Egyptians have a long history of varied and exotic perfumes that determined one’s class and defined certain periods of Egyptian history. Not only this, perfumes also demonstrated the presence of various gods.

Like our dress code, there is a way to enjoy the fragrance of your choice, to really compliment your outfit and show your personality. But, it is a real journey to find a fragrance that you feel really conveys the whole spectrum of who you are. Here are some suggestions to buy best perfumes online for men.

Buy attar online – Best Fragrance products

Khalisa Fragrance offers exclusive men fragrances online. There are different variants are available to shop attar perfumes online at

Online Shopping

MAN – Exclusive best attars online

MAN best attar online for men

From the ancient to modern perfumery, the MAN has always a special need for fragrance. A fresh, reliable and long lasting fragrance will keep you all the day sound.

MAN- buy best attar online
List of variants in MAN collection – Buy best attar online
  1. SCAPE : Scape, A modern and sophisticated fragrance with aromatic notes and a touch of lovely fresh notes, for men.
  2. CEK : CEK is the classic Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men. The main accord includes citrus, woody, and aromatic green notes.
  3. ADAM : Adam is a fresh, musky, floral scent with woody accents for men. The energetic perfume opens with a fresh notes. A soft and calm base concludes the fragrance that, takes you to the new height. It is suitable for every day.
  4. M CLASSIC : MAN, The Power, Be the one to stand out from the crowd. M Classic is a fragrance for Men. Thanks to all its notes, that keeps you sound. Main accord includes Fresh aromatic, warm spice notes.
Make your online shopping meaningful

Golden attar collections – Best attars online

Best attar perfume online for men

A fragrance that evokes memories;

Fragrance bring joy, relaxation, boost self esteem;

Show your individuality and compliment your outfit with best fragrances.

Buy Attar Perfume online
List of variants in Golden attar collection – Buy best attar perfume online
  1. Time show : It is a woody aromatic attar fragrance for men.
  2. Sharat : It is clear, fresh, aromatic attar fragrance, includes fresh spicy notes, for men.
  3. Passage : It is a woody aromatic attar fragrance for men.
  4. Chariot : It is a oriental fragrance for men, the main accord includes, fresh, woody, and warm spicy notes

Fascinating Collections – Best attars online

Best attar perfume online for men

A sense of wonder, fragrances are rooted in nature.

Every human is an artist, the dream of your life is to make beautiful art, make it simple but significant.

Buy best attar online
List of variants in Fascinating Collections
  1. Night Moon : This intense composition as bright as the sun aims at man who attracts attention. The main accord includes woody, aromatic, warm spicy and musky notes.
  2. TossM : TossM is the beautiful aromatic attar for men, the main accord includes woody, aromatic, warm spicy notes.
  3. Eja : Eja is the fragrance for both men and women who wants a strong drive and the main accord includes floral, musky and fresh spicy.
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How to buy the best attar online in India ?

If you are looking for a wonderful online shopping experience, then your destination is here.

Shop with peace of mind, we have smart collections and ultra-premium collections more than 100+ fragrances we offer.

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Where can I buy alcohol free attar ?

Firstly, If you are looking for a alcohol free attar, then you are perfectly at the right destination.

All our brand products are 100% alcohol free attars. Buy with peace of mind our top quality ultra-premium attar fragrance collections.

India’s best in industry fragrance products. Shop now ultra-premium products.

Which is best attar ?

The products from Khalisa Fragrance are best in industry products.

See the full list of fine top quality attar fragrances. Available only at

1. Nightingale

Nightingale is a bright oriental fragrance. This fragrance embodies the classic, elegant and timeless appeal of exquisite fragrance. The main accords includes neroli bergamot, musk, vetiver, and patchouli.

2. Legendary

Legendary is for the modern person who makes right move at the right time, the notes includes bergamot jasmine white cedar rose lavender sandalwood.

3. The Highness

It is a fresh floral, woody musky fragrance, the main accord includes gardenia, jasmine, rose, vetiver.

4. The Khalifa

A warm and fresh spicy fragrance for both men and women that has notes of fresh sweet, jasmine, rose and base of woody notes.

5. Bright Crystal

This is for a romantic soul, the beginning is sweet, with the quite aromatic warm woody ending. The roses are in its heart ending with trail of cedar.

6. Desire

It is a fresh, floral, green aromatic mist fragrance.

7. Adventure Lady

It is a fragrance of freshness, the composition opens with clean and pure citrusy notes, of bergamot and lavender. Wrap the based with sandalwood with powdery accords.

8. Wild Rock

Oriental fragrance for men representing the personality of a strong man. It opens with fresh scent, and gourmand notes. Balanced with intense heart of agarwood and musky.

9. Bright Crystal Men

It is aromatic fougere fragrance for men. The main accord includes citrus, fresh spicy, aromatic, rose, and green scents.

10. Musk Al Haram

This is the perfect fragrance who wants light but significant touch of fragrance.
A fresh, soft white musk with citrus and lemon grass, slight hints of jasmine, sandal, vanilla, the sense gives a harmonizing effects.

11. Marvel

It is a oriental woody, the main accord includes warm spicy, woody, floral white and patchouli, powdery balsamic. 

12. Survive

It is a fragrance for men, the scent is green spicy, with the notes of bergamot, lavender, orange blossom, vanilla, sandal.

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Is attar better than perfume ?

Attar has got historically rich background. It exists thousands of years.

A pure attar oil is high density fragrance, whereas perfume is diluted in the alcohol and has got very less amount of fragrance content.

Perfume will quickly evaporate, most importantly, when you are outdoor. Attar oils are dense and it takes time to evaporate.

The only difference in the application method is, you can spray perfumes as it is diluted, and you can not, as the attar oils are dense, just use one or few drops.

Does attar expire ?

There is no definitive or standard guideline for attar expire.

As long as, we maintain hygiene of the product, and maintain them in the right atmosphere, the attar will long last.

Some of the good practices for instance,

Firstly, Do not mix attar with any other chemicals
Secondly, Keep them in the dark containers
Thirdly, Keep them away from light sources
Most importantly, Always keep it in closed condition

Moreover, the attar gets matured over the period of time, and it produce better results. Don’t forget best practices.

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