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  • Amazing nature you and me perfumeAmazing Nature You & Me
    2,0002,200 Inc. GST

    A Part of you has grown in me, and so you see, its “You & Me”.  Like the fragrance, blossom the love, with the special edition of this fragrance product with your loved one!

    A Perfect gift for your loved one. There is a smart way to blend your love with the fine fragrance that conveys your thoughts.

    Fragrances are layered to the finest performance, show your inner layer, rightly in the smart way.

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  • -16% Off
    1,8001,950 Inc. GST

    Forget who hurts you yesterday. But don’t ! who loves and who think of you everyday!

    Fragrances leaves a good memory!

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  • The Sailor -16% Off
    1,8001,950 Inc. GST

    Waves will try to knock you down!, Push you back, to where you started. But, once you fight through them, the entire ocean is YOURS.

    A beautiful fragrance can lift our day!

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  • Unboxing FragranceKhalisa Fragrance unboxing -17% Off
    1,7001,850 Inc. GST

    Keep unboxing happiness. Fragrance can create milestones of our memories.

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