Fragrance and India the ancient connection

Fragrance and India the ancient connection. India is vast country blessed with multifarious agro climatic conditions, which provide environment to grow a varied flora and fauna.

About 80% population of India, depends on Agriculture and is engaged in cultivation.

And post harvesting of different crops like vegetables, cereals, pulses, oil seed crops, fruits and cut flowers.

In some of the crop, there is now saturation for further development and income generation.

Farmers are, therefore, looking for new areas of cultivation. The emerging area of cultivation is an aromatic and medicinal crop,

i.e. linked with fragrance, flavor, essential oil, Indian System of Medicines and Aromatherapy trade and Industry.

Farmers and growers are increasing getting interested in this field because of better remuneration.

The Ancient Time – India and Fragrance

Since, ancient time till late 19th century, mankind all over the world, mainlydepended on flora and fauna of plant kingdom to meet their requirement of fragrance and flavour materials.

However, with advent of modern synthetic chemistry and mass production of synthetic fragrance materials.

Such materials could find their way on account of their low cost and the consistency in the quality of production.

Middle of 20th Century – Trend of Fragrance

But, by the middle of 20th century the large number of synthetic fragrance materials became well known to the world.

This development has forced the people, once again, to think natural plant materials to meet the needs fragrance industry world over.

With this trend getting stronger day-by-day, the demand for natural fragrance material is truly phenomenal.

Now a day the natural essential oils and their derivatives and isolates are replacing synthetic fragrances.

Diverse India and Fragrance

India is with its diverse agro-climatic conditions and ample of human resource.

It is in a very strong position to play a vital role. In the production and supply of natural essential oils and their derivatives to the world market.

India still imports some of the very important essential oils, such as, rose, patchouli, geranium ,clary sage etc. To meet the demand of fragrance and flavor industry in the country.

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