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Before discussing about “best perfume, fragrance online for women”, let us see about the origin of the word. The word ‘Attar’ or ‘Ittar’ comes from an ancient Persian word ‘attar’, ‘otto’ or ‘ottar’, that means perfume, fragrance or scent.

Finding a best perfumes online for women and men, is really a challenge. One can optimize his/her choice over the period.

Women and fragrance both has extreme connections since from the ancient world.

The first alcohol-based fragrance was produced in 1371 for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary. This first ‘modern’ perfume was known as Hungary Water. It originally contained oils of rosemary, thyme, orange blossom and lemon ion an alcohol solution.

According to the history books, the Queen of France (Catherine de Medici) who reigned from 1547 to 1559, was given a pair of scented gloves by a tanner from the French town of Grasse as a gift. From here it is said that the perfume industry was born.

Like our dress code, there is a way to enjoy the fragrance of your choice, to really compliment your outfit and show your personality. But, it is a real journey to find a fragrance that you feel really conveys the whole spectrum of who you are. Here are some suggestions to buy best perfumes online for women and men.

Keep your fragrance secret.

Buy Best Perfume Online For Women – Exclusive Series From Khalisa Fragrance

Best perfumes online for women and men
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Khalisa Fragrance offers exclusive women fragrances online. There are six different variants are available to shop perfumes online at

Brave Lady – Best women Perfume Online

Best Women perfume online

Be a girl with adventure, a lady with confidence, and a women with bravery. She is a dreamer, a doer, a thinker, she sees possibilities everywhere.

Every day is a challenge! A lady with confidence can do a lot! Lift your day with the wonderful fragrance.

Be you! Bravely…

Two Variants in Brave Lady Women Perfume in online
  1. BL Trendy – BL Trendy is a classical and cheerful fragrance for women.
  2. MIS – MIS is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women

Let Me – Best women Perfume Online

Best Women perfume online

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible; the fear of failure. You have to certainly come out from the comfort zone, cross the fear zone, grow and find your destination!

Let Me !…

  1. LM Modern – It is a fresh floral and musky fragrance for women.
  2. Hope – Hope is a fresh and warm oriental fragrance for women.

My World – Best women Perfume Online

In joy and sadness, the fragrances are our constant companion. Its not just a fragrance, its fragrance of life, its fragrance of fashion,

My world is magical, not easy to define me, let them wonder!