Why you should buy Attar before spending thousands on diluted perfumes

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We talk about Attars that are tradition since ancient world, that are genuine, that are carefully crafted. You should know why you should buy attar before spending your hard-earned money on over-priced diluted alcoholic perfumes. Of course! Here, we are not talking about cheap quality attars which are priced between Rs.70 – Rs.150 and some of them will never leave your cloth even after a month or higher, this indicates addition of chemicals in it, for the simple reason to last longer, but the truth sad is, it spoils your cloth and mood.

7 Reasons – Why you should buy attar

Historically rich

Let’s understand little bit about the origin of fragrance oils (attar) Perfumes and fragrances can be traced to multiple ancient cultures, most notably to the ancient Egyptian civilization. The Egyptian king Rameses II, the most celebrated king, lived from 1324 to 1258 BC. In the temple of abu-simbel he was shown offering incense to ptah, god-guardian of artists.

However, considering the subject of this article, you can learn more on historical point of view by reading another article. Click to read.

Attar Keeps you fresh and long lasting

With genuine attars, you get rich and fresh experience always. They are more realistic-smell than alcohol-based perfumes. It is oil based and it is concentrated, unlike alcohol, the attar tends to evaporate slowly depends on few main factors. (You can learn more about here).

Why you should buy Attar
Attar keeps you fresh and it last long

It is alcohol free and skin friendly

Attars are naturally alcohol-free concentrated products. This is important from skin friendly perspective. All perfumes like eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau to cologne are alcohol based, the volume of alcohol is different for all these types. The perfume concentration is various between 2% to 20% for these alcohol-based perfumes.

Wide collections and fulfils your fragrance need

Other than monographic attars, the creation of fragrance is unlimited. As we know the pyramid of olfactory system allows us to create “n” number of formulas. Men and women can choose their fragrance from wide ranges of attar collections.

For instance, woody, spicy, musky, notes are most preferred for men, while floral, musk, rosy and complimented woody notes are most interested for women. Khalisa Fragrance is one among top genuine attar fragrance provider in the Indian market. It offers nearly 100+ Fragrances and time to time new fragrances, with best-in-class packaging and free shipping across India.

Attars have long shelf life than alcohol-based perfumes

One of the most important aspect of attars are its shelf life, for a genuine attar, actually there is no expire date, as long as we follow the below simple rules. Protect from,

  1. Heat
  2. Air
  3. Moisture
  4. Light sources

Attar emits even better fragrance with the age of maturity. Alcohol based perfumes usually fade with in 12 to 24 months.

Affordable and amazingly easy to carry in a hand bag

Attars are very popular in India, of course! India is playing a significate role in world perfumery on account of attars. A genuine attar is priced between Rs.300 to Rs.2000, sometimes even higher based on botanical source, and availability, etc., For instance, OUD, ROSE, JASMINE.

Attars are usually available in the size of 3ml, 6ml, 8ml and 12ml bottle pack size. While most alcohol-based perfumes are packed in the range 50ml to 200ml.

Why you should buy Attar
Attars are easy to carry – Small in size

Nevertheless, to say you need to spray a lot of perfume when it is an alcohol-based perfumes. While, a small quantity of attar is sufficient for a day need, as it is concentrated and in the form of oils.

By the time you come to the understanding, alcohol-based perfumes are bigger size bottles, while attars are packed in a handy smaller size bottles and of course! easy to carry.

Tradition yet trend – A view from Khalisa Fragrance

Khalisa Fragrance is truly aligned with the modern trend that connects with the power of tradition. You can learn more about Khalisa Fragrance’s business culture, click here

See how we pack and ensure the freshness when it reaches your hand:

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